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Brand Strategy

Brands are like the bread and butter of business life. The staple of successful companies across the globe. Yet, no business can afford to take its brand for granted. Which is why a compelling (and relevant) brand strategy is essential.

Conceptual Arts is a brand strategy agency in Mumbai. We know that if companies want to achieve success, and stay ahead, they can never stop building their brands. Even when times are tough. Especially when times are tough. The business of brand-building never stands still. Today’s business owners and marketers face an array of challenges. Converging sectors. Globalisation. Startups and upstarts. Continuous technology updates. Complex cultural barriers. And a myriad of communication channels. Which is where a specialist brand strategy agency like Conceptual Arts plays a critical role.

Is your business expressing itself and connecting with your desired audience in the digital age?

Brands usually develop at a very slow and a consistent pace overtime, driven by some concisely defined guidelines, unfortunately audiences, devices and digital media channels don’t. Change is the only constant and often radical. How do you keep space with these changes and ensure your brand is relevant in the digital age?

Conceptual Arts provides a digitally centric approach to brand creation. We calculate customer behaviour and needs, looking at existing brand content vs. brand aspiration to build a clear brand and brand communication strategy for our clients. This process looks to uncover audience connections, brand truths and new opportunities to express your brand in the digital age. This work informs everything from UI design, campaigns, content strategies and CRM engagement.

Outputs include:

  • Brand Strategy,
  • Brand & Visual Identity Design,
  • Digital Brand Creation,
  • Marketing and Communication Strategy,
  • Marketing / Social Campaigns,
  • Brand Guidelines,
  • Digital Brand Guidelines.
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