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Without branding, a company, product or service hardly exists. No personality. No character. Faceless. The invisible brand. Conceptual Arts is a specialist branding & design agency in Mumbai. In our opinion, the best brands use distinctive visual and verbal cues, building on the brand essence to create a big idea. Get the idea right and people will embrace your brand, making it part of their daily lives. But it’s hard for organisations to find that idea themselves. And capturing and distilling your own brand essence is as difficult as looking at the back of your head. Which is where we come in

Logos can be strong, symbolic short-cuts. It’s hard to imagine a world without them. At the same time, a logo isn’t the only way to define an organisation. Branding agencies in Mumbai use a broad spectrum of skills and disciplines to build the complete brand. From strategy, positioning and differentiation, to more tangible cues such as colour, typography, graphics, photography, illustration and design. Combined, these elements play a crucial role in creating an unforgettable brand, not just a new name, logo or visual identity.

At Conceptual Arts, we use the power of branding – strategy, visual and verbal identity – to help organisations stand out from the crowd. Making them more memorable, and easier to understand, with or without a change of name or logo. Occasionally, we ask our clients to try the ‘cover the logo’ test. If hiding the logo makes their brand disappear, it’s hardly unforgettable. As an established design agency in Mumbai, Conceptual Arts is ideally positioned to help. Organisations usually come to us when they want to change the way they look, and the way they’re perceived. We help them develop a vision of where they want to go, and inspire them to get there.

Reasons you might engage with a branding agency like Conceptual Arts include…

Your market has changed. You want to more clearly segment and differentiate your products and services. You would like to woo a new generation of customers and staff. You need to be better understood. You’re in crisis, or your brand has lost a little sparkle.


Perhaps your brand no longer works on a practical (or emotional) level, and it’s time to refresh and re-energise it. You no longer stand out from the crowd, and need to redefine your brand positioning. You’ve acquired someone else, have been acquired by someone else, or joined forces with someone else. Or, you simply feel like change… If any of these apply, Conceptual Arts is a branding agency in Mumbai best placed to reinvent or reinvigorate your brand.

Solving business challenges with creative ideas.

We, Conceptual Arts being a Design Agency we deliver meaningful brand experiences for some of the most ambitious companies in finance, technology and professional services.

From rebranding business to rebuilding websites our depth of understanding and market experience means we can focus all our creative energy into delivering distinctive solutions across brand, digital and marketing.

Creative & Design Agency In Mumbai

This is the core executional heartland of what we do. It’s the conception, design and build of a range of digital platforms, websites and web applications for both consumer and business focused needs.